Welcome, Dark Critters.

Welcome to Dark Little Critter.

My name is Laurie, and my dark critter takes many forms: depression, anxiety, rage, and a mental fog that sometimes gets so thick, you can stand a fork in it.

I’m starting this blog to give my shadow animals some air time. They have surprisingly helpful things to say. I suspect yours do, too; you just have to learn their language.

Once you get past all the moaning and hissing, dark creatures will tell you something true that will help you move forward. That is what they do. (They also have a tendency to knock over garbage cans, but it’s not their fault; they just want to visit, and don’t understand why we hoard our rotting refuse.)

Anyway, my Dark Little Critter and I welcome you and your mental raccoons, and look forward to deepening the trust and communication in your strange metaphysical marriage.

4 thoughts on “Welcome, Dark Critters.”

  1. Congratulations on stepping out to the ‘dark side’ sis (if you’ll pardon the wordplay), and welcome.

    May this medium free you to fully explore all the stuff that makes you YOU.

    Edward Abbey said “You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light”.

    I think the light and dark come from just the same place, like Sun and Moon, though like them maybe each looks just a little different every time we study them.

    1. Thank you, Big Brother and Fearless Leader. You are definitely part of the source from which this work springs.

      Let’s all be honest and free! Long live the interwebs!

  2. Fabulous! Only by shining on a light on the dark side can any of us truly live whole lives. Brave and creative you have so much to share and you will help many. Thrilled for you!!

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