The Fourth Day of Griefmas – 5 Ways to Find the Light

In the spirit of what we talked about yesterday (that is, holding onto what’s important, and giving ourselves permission to let go of the rest), I am keeping it simple today.

This list about finding light is here to support you gently in your Christmas Grief. Have a look, notice what appetite it stirs in you, and then find a way to fulfil your hunger for light – either literal or metaphorical.

5 Ways to Find the Light When You’re Aching, Grieving, or Lost

1. Movement

Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for the Winter Blues

This is a free 30 minute video class with my favourite YouTube personality on the planet. If you don’t have a full 30 minutes in you, check out her channel for a shorter video, like this one:

Legs Up the Wall (11 minutes)

2. Music

Flight of the Conchords:

Hurt Feelings

Business Time

3. Humour

Funny or Die: Goodest Tweets This Week

Arrested Development: The Best of Tobias Funke

Robot Chicken: Best of Harry Potter

My post about a Hot Dog machine

4. Light Therapy

Portable Light for Seasonal Depression (this is an affiliate link; if you make a purchase Amazon will send a little thank you to the Critter and I)

It’s a good idea to get monitored by a doctor or mental health professional while using light therapy, because it alters your brain chemistry (serotonin levels); this can sometimes make mood problems worse, or cause difficult side-effects like insomnia. Checking in regularly with a trained expert will help ensure you don’t overlook problem reactions.

Sunlight and Tanning Beds

Experts warn that tanning (either indoor, or outdoor) increases your risk of cancer. However, there is also some evidence that ultraviolet light (i.e. sunlight or tanning bulbs) may increase endorphins. 

In spite of the risk, I feel like I have to mention the tanning approach.

On one hand, I am a gigantic weiner who detests sunburn. But on the other, I get a huge amount of relief from small doses of UV. A warm-weather holiday, or a couple of weekly 5-15 minute tanning sessions (I call it, “my warm nap time”) provide a huge boost to my mood.

If this strategy appeals to you, get educated and minimize your risk of catastrophic skin damage.

5. Christmas Lights

Although lights aren’t doing it for me this year, in seasons past I found it very comforting to spend time with candles and coloured strands in the dark. If you feel tugged toward toward these hopeful displays, make sure to give yourself some quiet time to take them in.

That’s all I’ve got for you tonight.

Whether your inner animal is a lizard who needs to soak in sweet solar rays, or a night critter who needs the moon’s cool glow to find her way, remember that light is the fifth food group. Feed your creature.

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