Welcome to Dark Little Critter

Come in, Darkling!

You’ve found the home of Dark Little Critter, where an imaginary raccoon guides writer Laurie Zottmann through the trash heaps of depression, anxiety, rage, and ADHD.

Like any good raccoon, Critter isn’t squeamish. She looks things in the eye and isn’t afraid to dig through the dumpster to find what she needs.

With a little cursing, sarcasm, and bald honesty, Critter shows Laurie how to cope with her sketchy brain. Together, they get to the heart of overwhelm, solve practical obstacles, and reorient silly human perspectives.

They talk a bit too much about raccoon sex, but it’s weirdly uplitfing.

After every chat, Laurie feels a little closer to okay, and she hopes you do, too.

So come in, poke around, and experience Critter’s wisdom for yourself.

You can join the conversation by dropping a comment, finding us on Twitter or Facebook, or clicking “share” to spread the gospel of raccoon.

We hope you make yourself at home, but one caution: eat before you come. Critter fancies herself a gracious hostess, but knowing how she finds her food, you probably won’t want to eat it.

Depression, Anxiety, Rage and Raccoons

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